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Women of our Time and Way Before Our Time

April 25, 2017


Women Warriors

Women of Our Time

Timeline of Women


Everyday Math Practice Site

April 24, 2017


What’s The Weather for Tomorrow?

April 24, 2017

Your next vacation The Final Frontier? Space?

April 20, 2017


Price of Ticket = 100 Million Dollars!

Wow… imagine if you could plan your next vacation in space?   Check it out because pretty soon that’s what the future holds!

Space Tourism Gallery – AOL Research & Learn


Space Adventures : Lunar Mission

Planets of our Solar System sans Pluto :(

April 20, 2017


Planets of the Solar System – AOL Research & Learn

Great Animal Pics…

April 18, 2017

Great site from our Literacy Coach~

April 16, 2017


Scientific Minds Want to Know…

April 15, 2017


Science Standards – 3rd grade student performance skills

Science Standards – 4th grade student performance skills

Science Standards – 5th grade student performance skills

Cool Science for Curious Kids

The Rock’n Science Club

Science Standards – 2nd grade student accomplishments

 AAAS – Kids & Parents

 Grade Level Skills Help – Index Page

 Free interactive educational elementary science activities for kids online – interactive science games – facts on the solar s…

Our Earth

April 7, 2017


Arbor Day Celebrate

April 6, 2017

Do you celebrate Arbor Day?


 A World Without Trees  😦