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Great Animal Pics…

April 18, 2017


On Lion for Kids … The New York Public Library

March 25, 2017


On-Lion for Kids


Otters Holding Hands!

March 18, 2016

Amazing Animals

March 7, 2016


What are they?

These animals are all a cross between two animals.

Post your answers!

March Madness

March 6, 2016


College Ball <~~~~ Get updates here!


Travel Photo Galleries

February 25, 2016

This a great website.  You can view slides of different places around the world, animals from all over, scenery, and lots more.  You must visit this site.  It’s great.

Travel Photo Galleries, Photography, Photo Essays |

Trek Earth

Virtual Education… Who Needs Teachers…

February 18, 2016




VirtEd is an effort to complement the curriculum taught in the traditional educational setting with virtual curriculum that makes use of the vast potential of the Internet. Its goal is to provide information equity for all students, regardless of disability, geographical location, socioeconomic status, etc..

Most of the units or sites are set up with basic information on a particular topic within a discipline. When the user completes a page, there are in most cases an interactive quiz that is similar in format to the multiple choice format used on many standardized tests. While correct answers are given, no scoring is done. This is intentional as the VirtEd site quizzes are meant to be practices or checks on material read. Activities and links are also part of many of the sites to foster further exploration of each of the topics within the context of the Internet and beyond.

May 4, 2011


NCAA Bracket Challenge

March 3, 2011


AOL Sports: NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge


Carnival At PS 373R

May 26, 2007